PTT Open Content Licence – english version

0. The rules of following Licence concern free maps exclusively. Using of any asset at the payware map requires a special agreement right before the publication of a payware asset (map) and getting the permission under the issuing condtitons from the asset’s author.

1. The assets distribution manner is free as only they are included to the map packs. (support asset packs). The pack’s autor is obliged to add list of kuids/authors. The kuid list and the pack are inseparable. The pack distribution without the kuid list is forbidden.

If there are several packs of the map – each one has to include its kuid list.
The recommend format of the list is TXT or PDF. The „office” formats like DOC, DOCX etc. are not recommended as not every application is able to open it.

2. The support packs are allowed to be distributed without the map however it is RECOMMENDED to include the map and support packs in one archive (RAR, ZIP) including the map and 100% of required assets. It is recommended that assets are suitable for Trainz version the map is built on. There are known problem with red exclamation marks in CMP of TS2009+ versions because of some trifling reasons, thus, the author of the map/pack makes the archive with all correct assets for the concrete version of Trainz. If there’s a migration of the map up to the higher version of trainz (for example from 2006 to 2010), there is a need to release at least some actualisation pack, or, what is the best, new actual pack for a higher version.

3. The freeware assets are free to be distributed via e-mail between users. They must be recognized with no doubt who is the asset’s author. It concerns also repacked assets of one author into one CDP – for example as missed assets for any map)

4. Freeware assets can be distributed in a manner shown in point 1 and 2 ONLY IN ORIGINAL, e.i. mesh, config, tekstures, scripts and animations must be in structure and shape as created by author. Any change of these components causes the asset turns into a modifiacation and thus requires the author’s permission to any distribution.


It is not a modification as well any changes which are for correcting the assets under the higher version of Trainz. For example – improving the notes in config under TS2009+ or the texture repairing with PEV Soft program). However each of the authors determines individually if the releasing of such modification without the agreement is acceptable. The main condition is working and the look of the asset exactly identically like in original version and keeping all licencing notes in config and sending the info to the author of the original asset informing about the update.

It is acceptable to add the note about the author of the modification.

Adding a script function, change of the script or removing the script function is FORBIDDEN. It concerns the modification for „fixing” down to lower versions. It is treated as destroying, not modification of the asset.

5. Running of any freeware asset on any internet site in other manner than support pack is allowed only with author’s permission.

Above includes „Downloads” sections, hosting servers like etc. and other virtual discs on the internet. One treats the publication of the freeware asset in the other manner than support pack when the asset is running in the way allowing to find the asset directly form the internet site or with searching engines like google, yahoo etc. It concerns all: cdp, cmpa, archive files (rar, zip) and also the folder with components of the asset – directly or inside the archive file. Running a single as an archive file known as a „pack” is possible only when it is a kind of a small support pack and not a distribution of other assets.

6. Modifications and model changes can be done only for private purposes!
Any distribution (without author’s permission) of such modified assets is PTT licence and copyright violation.

7. The assets distributed with PTT licence can’t be treated as closed/limited/payware right after publication. It concerns developing versions and upgrades (the next kuid2 versions of the same asset). In the case the licence notes change there’s publication of the upgrades recommended with the same rules, and the asset covered with the changed licence gets new kuid/kuid2 number. In that case it is necessary to mark the „old” asset as „unsupported”, in the way it is no doubt about that.

7a. The support packs’ author ensures full support for the packs.It includes taking care about the links to the packs, if the packs are being uploaded on a time limited hosting servers – author ensures the reupload. It is also necessary to keep a copy of the pack locally (HDD, CD, DVD). The support must be ensured minimum 1 year since releasing the final version of the map. Right after this period there is possibility of the support with the CD/DVD disc + costs of the disc +PP. Alternatively the packs can be moved to other persons.

8. Up-to-date list of authors and assets covered by the PTT-Open-Content licence is available on the PTT site. (
The list includes: user’s nick (seen in CMP), author’s KUID, and the list of assets (KUID, username), which are covered with that licence, and information about allowing (or prohibition) of updating the assets for higher trainz versions than originally created.